Monday, August 9th, 2010


A song for you:

Cul De Sac

My upstairs neighbor has been playing Veedon Fleece by Van Morrison on repeat, nightly, for the last six months. Sad, twangy, heartbreak music!  Which i adore.  And too, i adore Van Morrison, but it’s taken me a good, solid hour of deep investigative work to finally figure out which album she’s been playing.  iTunes didn’t have it. Google wouldn’t recognize any of the lyric possibilities i entered into its search engine.  And then there’s — where i spent forty-five minutes of my weekend listening to thirty second clips from every single song VM put out between ’67 & ’79.  But!  Finally! I’ve found what i’ve been looking for.   And it’s awesome.  It makes me feel moony and inspired so THANK YOU, upstairs neighbor!  You play your music loud and late, but hey, you’ve got great taste.

If you’re still interested in winning a free copy of Nothing Like You, you have until tomorrow at midnight.  Just leave a comment somewhere on this blog and you’re officially entered to win.

  1. Amy
    Aug 09 / 10

    there is an iphone app (ask Gabe) that will listen to a clip of a song and tell you what it is…

  2. Jared Olmsted
    Aug 09 / 10

    Now THAT is dedication. Also, I want to feel “moony” one day. How will I know!?

  3. cathy
    Aug 09 / 10

    The music-identifying app is “Shazam” and it’s a lot of fun for winning bets in bars or for your own edification!

  4. Lauren Strasnick
    Aug 09 / 10

    “Shazam”, yes! Yet another way in which an iphone would/could hugely improve my life! I think about upgrading every day…