Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

So, when I was a wee couch potato (tiny spud!  on a sofa!), I was out-of-my-head obsessed with this Canadian teen soap on Nickelodeon called Fifteen.  This show had everything: Romance!  Drama!  A baby Ryan Reynolds! There was a bad boy named Dylan who played guitar and wore leather jackets!  And a breathy, blonde girl named Ashley, whose style and shy charm I was dying, just dying, to emulate.  About a year ago, my friend Jade and I ordered DVDs of the show off ebay, which turned out to be, both, disappointing and great: poor quality VHS to DVD transfers… but!  complete with early 90s cereal and toy commercials!  Eeeee. Anyways, this morning I discovered the show is suddenly, finally, available for download on iTunes.  So!  In honor of Fifteen‘s 2010 release — and for those of you just itching to see what the fuss is all about — a treat:

Oh, and!  Today I’m giving away free stuff!  Chloe & Ant , congrats!  You’re getting signed paperback copies of Nothing Like You!

Exclamation point.

  1. Jared Olmsted
    Aug 11 / 10

    baby Ryan Reynolds ruled.

  2. Lauren Strasnick
    Aug 11 / 10


  3. Ant
    Aug 11 / 10

    Hooray for winning! And hooray for that show! Good grief, I thought I was the only one in the world who watched it! Thanks again 🙂

  4. erin
    Aug 17 / 10

    hi! congratulations on everything, books, blog and all. i cannot believe you remembered this show!!! i had such a flashback watching that clip. is it me, or does ashley have something of katie holmes? the voice, the mannerisms? hope all is well xoxo

  5. Lauren Strasnick
    Aug 18 / 10

    Yes! I see the Katie Holmes in her! Shy but hot but wholesome!?