Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Does anyone remember that scene in Moonlight Mile, where a grieving Jake Gyllenhaal (out at a neighborhood bar with friends of his dead fiancee) pops a dime into the jukebox and plays Moonlight Mile, the Rolling Stones song???  And he’s just standing there feeling the music, and, me too, I am feeling the music, and then Ellen Pompeo appears out of nowhere and suddenly they’re slow dancing, like, super intensely?   Ring any bells? Does this actually happen?  Has anyone ever gone up to a super sad guy in a bar that maybe they’ve met once, and silently, forcefully, pulled him into a sleepy waltz?

This scene is fresh in my mind (thanks to Netflix streaming!) and it’s got me wondering about pretty, pretty movie moments that happen between quirky characters in bars.  Also, it’s got me thinking about how easily I am manipulated by music.  I mean, JUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG:

Sneaky, right?  You feel things now, don’t you??

P.S. The images in this video are very beautiful.  But also?  They freak me out.  If they freak you out too — look away.

  1. Amy
    Aug 19 / 10

    I DO feel things now. WoW!

  2. Lauren Strasnick
    Aug 19 / 10

    I make the magic happen.