Monday, August 23rd, 2010

My friend Jade and I made a book trailer for the paperback release of Nothing Like You. We’re about three weeks overdue with this guy — but that’s what happens when you’ve never made a video before and you stumble blindly into a billion and one teensy obstacles.  Anyways.  Here it is!  Our vid’s big debut:

  1. Gerb
    Aug 25 / 10

    Love it! Very funny. I’ve posted the youtube link on my blog.

  2. Lauren Strasnick
    Aug 25 / 10

    Linda Gerber, thank you!!! You’re awesome.

  3. Ant
    Aug 26 / 10

    OMG, too funny! I’m going to add the youtube link to my review, if that’s okay. BTW, Holly and Paul and Nils and Saskia look exactly like I pictured them in my head when I read the story…LOL ;P

  4. Lauren Strasnick
    Aug 26 / 10

    yes, more than okay! thank you, ant! & totally — we were going for a *realistic* look w/ the vid. 😉