Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

A collage for you.  And me.  My mother in ’68.





  1. Cheryl
    Aug 31 / 10

    OMG Lauren….
    I remember her handwriting and I recognize the drawing in the background…

  2. Nicole
    Aug 31 / 10

    Hi Caren! Miss you so much

  3. Agent Jen
    Sep 01 / 10

    OMG, Lauren. I have chills. The bottom photo on the left, it’s like looking at you with a different hairstyle. Your mom, apparently, was hip and cool, too.

  4. Debby
    Sep 01 / 10

    Wonderful pics…I miss her too…I keep waiting for her call on my birthday!!

  5. Lauren Strasnick
    Sep 01 / 10


  6. Alisa M. Libby
    Sep 06 / 10

    You look so much like her in that bottom left photo. So beautiful.

  7. Jade
    Sep 07 / 10

    Oh Lauren I love this! It looks like the inspiration board for a new fashion line called Love, Caren! Also, she’s lovely, just like you.