Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

A few years ago, my very sweet friend Capucine sent me a mix CD with a ton of girly french music: Keren AnnOlivia RuizYael Naim, Carla Bruni.  I adored all of it!  I couldn’t understand a word of it!  It got me all ridiculous and jealous of french girls who sing pretty, precious songs!

Then, two nights ago, I caught the tail end of a documentary about Carla Bruni on The Sundance Channel.   Italian tire heiress!  90s supermodel!  International singing sensation!  And now:  France’s first lady!

Why am I not French?!  Or an international singing sensation?!  How can I sort out my massive rocker envy issues??

A new book!  Slated for spring 2012.  It’s all about a girl who’s jealous of another girl because she’s in a band!  No one’s french or anything.  Here’s the deal announcement with a proper synopsis:

NOTHING LIKE YOU and HER AND ME AND YOU author Lauren Strasnick’s DAKOTA WEBB IS MISSING, about high school rock goddess Dakota Webb whose mysterious disappearance is deemed a suicide, but her ex-BFF Adrienne Knox doesn’t buy it, and with only one clue in hand, Adrienne attempts to uncover what really happened to Dakota, again to Anica Rissi at Simon Pulse, for publication in 2012, by Jennifer Rofe at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency (world).

Thank you Jen Rofe & Anica Rissi for continuing to make all my dreams comes true!

& here, for you!  A little Carla Bruni:

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