Thursday, December 9th, 2010

I think I’ve re-watched this thing six billion times.  Kevin with Cara, the girl from the lake!  This chick lives on soft-serve ice cream and lip smackers lipgloss.  She has meaningful moments with boys in cars.  She cries whilst still looking soulful and pretty!  Too much, I swear it.

  1. Alisa
    Dec 17 / 10

    I remember thinking he was so cute when I first saw this, long ago. Now he looks…about ten years old. It’s a little creepy. But she is lovely, and yes, so worldly!

  2. Samuel B.
    Jan 10 / 11

    Kev got MAD! He always scared me when he snapped like that. There were about five tools in his acting belt. Super-pissed-short-guy was one of them. . .

  3. Lauren Strasnick
    Jan 10 / 11

    Sam! YES. omg absolutely yes. so true.

  4. Nicole
    Feb 01 / 11

    i love soft serve ice cream in the sugar cone!