Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Pondering friendship.  Real friends, fake friends, books about friendship, movies w/ friends, stories about cliques who hang obsessively, loving and hating each other with the obsessiveness of total obsessives!  Friends who drink bellinis w/ brunch.  Port after dinner.  Friends who share secrets.  Friends who tell lies!  Books: The Secret HistoryA Fortunate Age, The Likeness, The Basic Eight.  Movies: Metropolitan, St. Elmo’s Fire, The Last Days of Disco, The Big Chill.  Will watch/read anything that combines friends w/ mansions.

Today, two vids.  Can’t choose just one:

  1. Alisa
    Feb 01 / 11

    The Secret History! One of my favorites. I’ll have to look up the rest of these. Another book that comes to mind: Cat’s Eye by Margaret Atwood. The shifting balance of power between two friends. Fascinating.


  2. Lauren Strasnick
    Feb 01 / 11

    Cat’s Eye! Added to my queue. Also, Al, did you know Margaret Atwood is a goodreads author? And that she has a BLOG?! Why does this thrill me?

  3. MEG
    Feb 01 / 11

    “Will watch/read anything that combines friends w/ mansions.” AWESOME 🙂

    Also, why hasn’t The Secret History been made into a movie??? Or has it?

  4. Lauren Strasnick
    Feb 01 / 11

    It hasn’t! Why not, meg?! i think at some point gwyneth paltrow was trying to get it made…? but i don’t know whatever happened w/ that.