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16 Ways to Break a Heart

Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins ‘17

A he said/she said epistolary YA novel about the breakdown of a long term relationship. Also published in Italy, France, Germany, and Turkey.

“This book features so many of favorite things: a seductive portrait of my beloved Los Angeles, a dark love story, an exploration of a young, beautiful, brilliant and troubled girl, and a look at the graces and dangers of female passion.” – Francesca Lia Block, author of Weetzie Bat

“With razor sharp writing and deeply realized characters, Lauren Strasnick’s new novel is a breathtaking exploration of love gone wrong. Stunning, smart, bold, wholly unique…there are so many more than 16 ways that I love this book.” – Corey Ann Haydu, author of The Careful Undressing of Love and Life by Committee

“16 Ways to Break a Heart is a sharp, inventive tale of exhilarating first love that proves it’s always worth hearing both sides of the story.” – Brandy Colbert, author of Pointe